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Sexual harassment is a form of sexual discrimination and is covered under the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Harassment is behavior that interferes with the worker’s ability to perform their job by creating an intimidating or offensive work environment. The worker can be a man or a woman; the harasser can be an employer, manager, coworker, even a non-employee. 


Trucking Law

Stanek Law Office teams up with a local law firm that specializes in representing truck drivers, specifically employees, contractors, owner-operators, and company drivers. We can help you get results if you’ve had problems in any area of trucking employment, including: retaliation for refusal to violate federal motor carrier safety regulations (e.g.: hour of service, equipment, bad weather), violations of leasing regulations, and bad DAC reports.

Whistleblower Cases

My firm helps workers who are or who may suffer retaliatory action from employers because they have reported regulatory violations or improper ethical practices.

Wage and Hours Disputes

My firm assists workers collect unpaid wages including any penalties provided for by law.